Carlisle Conservatives

Conservatives in Carlisle passionately believe that we can grow our city to the benefit of all residents. Conservative councillors and John Stevenson MP work together to implement and influence plans and campaigns which will help our city's economy.

One of the main campaigns that we are launching will be a large apprenticeship drive, working closely with small and medium-sized businesses in the city. We hope to deliver many real, and worthy, apprenticeships for young people in partnership with local businesses.

Conservative councillors were instrumental in the delivery of Carlisle's northern bypass route. Local Conservatives, including John Stevenson MP are pushing for further infrastructure improvements, such as development of Carlisle Airport.

Bringing Businesses Together
John Stevenson MP is working closely with local Conservative councillors and small and medium-sized businesses to ensure a better working relationship between public and private sector. John has set up a business club which brings business owners together on a regular basis to ensure that Carlisle continues to grow into one of the North's great cities.