Conservatives call on Carlisle City Council Labour to come clean on £30 bin tax.

Many residents will have been appalled to read in this week's Cumberland News that the Labour Leadership on Carlisle City Council plan to introduce a £30 charge for local residents who wish to continue to use the garden waste recycling service that was introduced as a free service over ten years ago by Carlisle Conservatives. 

Speaking on this proposal Carlisle City Council Conservative Group Leader, John Mallinson said:

"This is a sorry example of senior Labour councillors cynically targeting residents - probably in the belief that many of those using this service are Conservative voters. The Labour group's actions, however, are utterly undemocratic."

"This misguided policy will affect thousands of Carlisle residents. Voters at least deserve the courtesy of this Labour administration allowing a full and frank public debate on such a policy, which will hit them in their pockets."

Some senior Labour councillors have claimed there is cross-party support for this policy, but Councillor Mallinson outlines that this is not the case.

"I am surprised, though perhaps I shouldn't be, that Carlisle Labour Group has attempted to force this policy through on the quiet. Unfortunately for them, they've been found out.

"I call on Labour to go back to the drawing board and reassess the impact that this misguided proposal will have on the people of Carlisle."